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    Dr Diana Bogusevschi is a Research Fellow in the Performance Engineering Laboratory (PEL), School of Electronic Engineering, Dublin City University. She is Horizon 2020 NEWTON Project Manager (http://www.newtonproject.eu/) coordinating the large project team comprising of 14 partners in 7 European Countries. She is leading technology enhanced learning (TEL) STEM subjects educational pilots in various institutions, performing extensive analysis and disseminating the obtained results at international events, obtaining various awards including an Outstanding Paper Award at EdMedia 2018 and Best Paper Award at ICEP 2018. She is also an integral team members of the project's Pedagogical Assessment Committee. Dr Bogusevschi graduated the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania with a degree in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications. She then finalised her PhD in Electronic Engineering in Dublin City University, Ireland, with research focused on efficient numerical techniques for solving electromagnetic wave scattering, specifically the Integral Equation and the Buffered Block Forward Backward Technique. Following her PhD, she worked in the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) on the ClearSight project. Together with the National University of Galway and the Wellington Eye Clinic, developing a new method and device for improving Intraocular Lens Power Calculations (IOL) for cataract surgery which spun out as a start-up company, ClearSight Innovations. After successfully completing the functional prototype that measures multiple parameters of the human eye and an innovative technique to accurately calculate the IOL, a follow-on study presented excellent clinical results.
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